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Our Location: 7 Entin Rd, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054-5020

Specializing in Retail Collections Since 1930.

     Founded in 1930, Pressler, Felt and Warshaw, LLP Attorneys at Law is managed by Sheldon H. Pressler who was admitted to the Bar in 1955. He was appointed by the Supreme Court to the Rules Committee for the Special Civil Part and served over 25 years. The Special Civil Part has jurisdiction up to $15,000.00 where most retail collection matters are filed. He was also a member of the New Jersey State Bar Committee for the Special Civil Part. He has lectured for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) on "How to Collect a Judgment", "Collection Practice", and "The FDCPA". He is counsel for the New Jersey unit of the American Collection Association (ACA) and is President of the "New Jersey Creditors Bar Association" of the State of New Jersey

All real estate, lots, blocks, addresses, and assessments are online and computer checked with new claims. We have a full-time programming and networking staff to assist our various clients who are computer linked to allow immediate transfer of new claims, constant online availability of claim status, payments, etc.

Pressler, Felt and Warshaw, LLP Attorneys at Law represents national credit card companies throughout the States of New Jersey and New York.

Our office was chosen as the beta site by the New Jersey Supreme Court to test and implement programs to computerize the communications and filings between litigants and the Courts. As a result, we now transmit all Complaints, Motions, and Executions electronically to the Court’s computers. This has improved the response time in obtaining docket numbers, service dates, and other information from the Court.

Pressler, Felt and Warshaw, LLP Attorneys at Law is very active in maintaining, supporting and opposing new legislation which affects the collection industry. We were responsible for rolling back the costs for docketing New Jersey judgments from a fee of $25.00 to a more reasonable fee of $5.00 [now $10.00].

With over 300 employees and 19 attorneys, Pressler, Felt and Warshaw, LLP Attorneys at Law provides a total retail collection environment including skip-tracing and asset location.

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